Sammanfattning i engelskan!:P

This text is about a guy with the name Eddy Wilson. He has very big problems. He can't read and writing. It's the same problem with his friend John. Eddy has a support teacher, she is called Mrs Williams. She is the only teacher who bother to help me. The best time Eddy ever had in school was last summer. It was when they had something called '' Trips Week''. This means you go away for a week and some teachers coming with them. Eddy chose a trip to ''The Joe Brown Outdoor Centre''. There they can climb and canoe. They didn't have to read and write much either. The centre was a very big house with loads and had very small rooms. The house is a old hotel with overlook the sea. They wake up seven o'clock on the morning. I think Eddy is very afraid of Pauline. When they canoeing, they must do a test. It is called '' Capsize Drill''. It's when someone deep breath, over, under, push, roll and out. When they was on a sea trip they saw many things seals, jelly fish, sea birds and.... and a death body. It was half eaten and white. John saw the body first. John is Eddys best mate because he do many stupid things. One night drink the guys beer. Mrs Williams wake up and find the guys tent of empty cans. The guys smelling beer. Mrs Williams was very angry. Eddy had never seen her so angry before. Eddy was very scared because he believes his father gonna kill him. But, when Mrs Williams read on the bottles it says that it is alcohol free. John had read on there bottles, but he can't read. So the guys are saved. So now can the guys stay on '' Trips Week''.

Detta fick bli min sammanfattning i Engelskan, haha hoppas bara att den blir godkänd?<3


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